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McDonald’s launched the McDVOICE survey to get feedback directly from customers. Direct customer feedback helps McDonald’s improve food quality and increase customer satisfaction at McDonald’s facilities. Please note that a customer can participate in a maximum of five surveys per month. Each return from McDVOICE is evaluated and necessary actions are taken if necessary.


Do you like to eat at McDonald’s? How often do you visit McDonald’s? What is your favorite McDonald’s dish? McDonald’s strives to get answers to all of these customer questions. They then launched the McDVOICE investigation on McDonald’s online portal.

You can take this customer satisfaction survey and make sure your next McDonald’s meals are free. Every comment in this survey will help McDonald’s improve.

McDVOICE Survey Questions

You may be wondering what the McDVOICE survey questions are. Don’t worry, the questions are very simple and based entirely on your last visit to McDonald’s. See some of the following McDVOICE questionnaire questions:


  • First, you will be asked about the behavior of McDonald’s employees.
  • Some questions are asked about the quality of the food, the accuracy of the order placed, the cleanliness and hygiene of McDonald’s, etc.
  • You will be asked about the impact of the McDVOICE survey and your consent to your future participation in such surveys.
  • Your comments will have a significant impact on McDonald’s services, so be honest when answering the McDVOICE survey questions.
  • Once you have answered all McDVOICE questions, you will receive a validation code that must be used within 30 days of your participation.

The McDVOICE online survey only takes a few minutes for each customer. However, your honest and valuable feedback will help McDonald’s provide better food and beverages, better service with friendlier and more helpful staff, and an increase in the number of facilities. This survey also gives McDonald’s information on various factors such as the cleanliness of the store, etc.